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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Features of Android Pie

Its been a while since Android Pie was officially out and is available on a couple of devices in the market. Google has now added some new features to it. They all will not be available and users will have to wait until Google makes them public.

New Features of Android 9 Pie

1. App Action

Learning app usage overtime will help predict users next step. This will help you do tasks quickly.

2. Adaptive Brightness

By learning your brightness adjustment patterns, Android Pie will adjust the level of brightness accordingly.

3. Slices

Slice is a smart feature which shows a snippets of your favourite app being on top of all other.

4. Gesture Navigation

New gestures will be available to users for navigation through the UI.

5. Adaptive Battery to Optimize Battery usage

This feature will help predict app usage based on history of app and will help in saving battery for most used apps.

6. Background Restriction for Apps

Android Pie now allows user to restrict apps in the background and improve battery performance.

7. Digital Wellbeing for Balanced Usage

Digital Wellbeing dashboard will be available to the users to keep check on the usage on there smartphone.

8. App Time Limits

This will help users set time fro app usage and will warn the user when they are near that time.

9. Notification Management

Users will be able to manage notifications with visuals. Turn them off and on for app they like.

10. Sound Delay Reporting

This feature will help users make sour that the audio and video are in sync specially with Bluetooth headset on.

11. Display Cut-Out

This feature will help make apps use the entire screen with devices of higher screen or a notch.


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