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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Gmail Updates: New Look and Smart Compose

We use Gmail every day, to send and receiver email.

This year, before Google I/O 2018, we get to see the new look of Gmail. Since a long time, Gmail was not been update based on looks and features. Now we can try out the new look of the Gmail.

With this new Gmail, first we get a new design. Then we see a new bar on the right side, which is add-on bar. We can now click on the attachments in the mail without opening them separately. We now have options to archive or snooze an email.

Gmail has new confidential mode with which you can create email with expire date and can add two factor authentication to email.

New Gmail has Information Rights Management, which gives the sender control for removing the options to download, copy or forward the mail.

Google announced a new feature called Smart Compose at Google I/O. It used AI for composing mails. With this, we can compose mails even faster. So, it works a follows: when we start writing or compose a mail, we get suggestions as to what we are writing and we have to press TAB to complete that suggestion. It suggests things based on whom we are writing the mail and the subject of our mail and other thing like our address or phone number, which we already have saved on our google account.

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