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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Android P - Features and Release date

Android P or Android 9.0 is the new upcoming version of Android OS, which was announced by Google on 7th march, 2018. The developer preview for Android P is going on. Right now it is available for only Google Pixel devices.

Android P Release Date

It likely to be announced in Google I/O 2018. The final release is expected in August of this year.

Features of Android P

1) Notification Improved

Notifications are improved with much cleaner look. You can now see image attachments in the notifications.

With this new feature developer can now add quick replies for messaging. 

2) Multi-Camera support

There is this new API added by Google with which multiple cameras can be used at the same time.

3) New Animations

With this version, you will see some new colours added and some new animations and transitions.

4) Turn-By-Turn Direction

Android P has support for IEEE 802.11mc, a Wi-Fi protocol with the help of which indoor GPS tracking will be possible.

This enables the app to know how far you are from your Wi-Fi access point.

There is no official news for the name of this version of Android (Android 9.0) but there are rumours about the name Pie, Pancake, Peppermint and many other. We don’t know the official one.


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