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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Top Free Websites for Starting a Blog 2018

If you want to start a blog of your own or a website the here is the list of websites which you can go for.

There are lot of other website available but here are some well-known websites where you can get things started with ease and free.

Blogger is a website owned by Google where you can create your blog easy and fast.

There are not much themes available but whatever themes or designs are available are mobile and SEO friendly.

There is a HTML editor on the site where you can edit or insert the HTML or CSS for your site.

Blogger is free but you will have a free domain name given to you by default which is If you want a .com or any different domain then you will have to buy that domain.

WordPress is the most popular and professional where you can not only make a blogging site but other kind of sites.

There are thousands of premium Themes and Plugins available.

There are Widgets available which are customizable.

All the available designs are SEO and Mobile friendly.

You can use WordPress for free with as your domain or you can choose form the different available plans for hosting where you will get a domain free of your choice.

You can self-host you WordPress website if you know how to.

Wix is the website where you can build your own site without have any sort of coding knowledge.

There are less Themes and Plugins available as compared to WordPress.

The designs available are SEO friendly and Mobile friendly.

It is free and also there are premium plans available.

Like Wix, Weebly is also very easy and good for people with no knowledge of coding.

You can build your website by dragging and dropping elements on your site.

There are Themes and Plugins available but are very less in number.

The available designs are Mobile friendly.

There is no HTML editing available.

It is free and there are premium plans available which you can buy if you want domain and hosting.


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