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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Best Text Editors for Programmers

Best Text Editors for Programmers Image

Text editor is a program with which you can edit text. Notepad, which comes preinstalled with Microsoft Windows, is a simple text editor but for programmers, it is not recommended.

So, here is the list of powerful text editors which will make a programmer’s workflow easy and fast.

Notepad++ Image

The UI of this text editor is simple with mild learning curve.

It is a free software.

It supports autocomplete of syntax and syntax highlighting for different languages.
You can open more than one documents as the interface supports tabs.

It is lightweight and fast.

The list for supported languages is huge.

The loading time is less.

So, if you want is minimalistic yet powerful text editor, then you should try this.

Sublime Text Image
Sublime Text

Sublime Text comes with a powerful and feature rich text editor.

It comes with a great user interface.

It supports plugins.

The loading time is less.

But it is not free and you will need to buy the licence.

The updates for the software are slow.

Atom Image

It is free and open-source.

It comes with an excellent user interface and easy to use.

It is powerful and looks similar to the sublime text.

There are lot of themes and packages available with which you can customize the looks of the editor and syntax.

As it is developed by GitHub, you get git control.

But loading time is high.

It consumes more memory.

Brackets Image

Bracket is best text editor for web developers.

It is open-source.

It is more for focused on for designing a web site.

It is fast and the user interface is also good.

It also comes with a live preview with which you can see the preview of the design live while you are coding.

But the languages are limited to the web development as it is focused on that only.

Consider this text editor only for front-end development.


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