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Monday, January 1, 2018

What is Rooting an Android Phone mean?

Rooting an Android Phone Image

What is Rooting?

Rooting an Android OS is similar to being an administrate user on Windows and also it is same as a root user in a Linux.

It is a process with which you can gain full control, on your android device.

It is similar to jailbreaking an iOS.

What can you do after rooting an android phone?

After rooting your phone, you will be able to use apps with which you can change defaults settings of the system. You can get the latest version of android by flashing custom rom. You can control your device in ways which you have never thought of.

Advantages of rooting?

          ·      You can install apps like No-frills CPU and SetCPU Control with which you can change the clock speed of your CPU (Central Processing Unit).

           ·         You can flash custom rom available for your android device.

          ·       You can use apps like Titanium Backup with which you can uninstall apps which you get installed by default when you buy any android phone. Yes, you can disable it without rooting your device, but you cannot uninstall it completely.

           ·        Also, you can use Titanium Backup to backup all your app data.

           ·        You can customize your phone in whatever way you want.

Disadvantages of rooting?

         ·        You may get your android phone bricked (or we can say broken) in the process of rooting. This means you will not be able to boot into your system.

           ·          So if your phone gets bricked then you will need to take it to the service centre get it fixed, but you will be charged even if your device is in warranty period as rooting voids the warranty of the device.

             ·    Obviously, after rooting your phone you will get full control over your phone but it is the same for all the app including malicious apps. They also get full control over your device and is damage to your phone and your life.

            ·         Your phone will stop getting OTA (over-the-air) updates. So, without the latest patch which you usually get, your phone is vulnerable to virus and malwares.

There are softwares like Kingo ROOT and dr.fone with which you can root your phone. But there are steps you need to follow.

There are apps like Root Checker using which you can check if your device is rooted or not.

There are apps like SuperSU which is a super user manager with which you can control the rights for the apps.


If you want to root your android phone just for fun the it’s not a good idea but then also, if you know what you’re doing then its ok. Because there are certain steps you need to follow in the process of rooting.

I will suggest you to go through all the things related to rooting and procedures on the internet and then decide.

Let’s assume that you root your phone and after some time, you changed your mind and now you want to go back. The question comes here is can you do that. The answer for that is yes, you can unroot your phone but it is not possibly all the time.

With rooting, you are breaking all the restrictions set by the manufacture, to gain full control over the system and this is sometimes a permanent process and you cannot reverse it no matter what you do. And even if you reversed it, it will be on for temporary bases.


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