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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Intel Core i9 Processor

Last year, Intel launched the new “X” series of processors. There are new flagship processors with more cores and that is Core i9 processor.

We know about the usual processors which are core i3, core i5 and core i7. But now we have one more which will join this range and that is core i9.

Core i9 7960X which is a 2.8 GHz processor and has 16 cores and 32 threads. It is priced at $1699.

Core i9 7940X which is a 3.1 GHz processor and has 14 cores and 28 threads. It is priced at $1399.

Core i9 7920X which is a 2.9 GHz processor and has 12 cores and 24 threads. It is priced at $1199.

Core i9 7900X which is a 3.3 GHz processor and has 10 cores and 20 threads. It is priced at $989.

There is one more extreme edition processor and it is Core i9 7980EX. It is a 2.6 GHz processor. It has 18 cores and 36 threads. It is priced at $1999.

You can overclock these processors to 4.4 GHz.

This new core i9 chip is best for gaming and high end productivity purposes.

All the core i9 chips use a new socket, that is LGA2066. So if you want to use a core i9 processor, then you need to buy a motherboard with LGA2066 socket.


The new core i9 is a flagship chipset from Intel. The core count is more as compared to core i7 and so multitasking and gaming performance will be great.

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