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Thursday, December 7, 2017

What is Ethical Hacking and Cybercrime?

What is Ethical Hacking and Cybercrime

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is finding any weakness in a computer system or network and come with a solution for the weakness in the system. White hat hackers are also called as Ethical Hackers. Ethical hacking is not illegal.

Ethical hacking is required as to protect orgainzation’s information and data from being hacked and destroyed or stolen. And so organization’s hire Ethical hackers to do penetration testing on there system and to find any holes/weakness/vulnerability that can lead to information loss by hacking.

Ethical hackers must follow rules like not disclosing anything related to the organization and giving full and true report of the penetration test and taking owners permission before doing anything.

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime is nothing but computer crime which involves the use of computer and Internet and also other kinds of communication networks to harm the victim physically or mentally.

These illegal activities include the online fraud, spread virus in computer and/or network. It also include email and mobile phone hacking.

There are many different types of cybercrimes and some are explained below:

Denial Of Service (DOS) Attack

Denial Of Service attack is an attack that is made to deny the service or access to the system. Using this, the attacker can take down website. In this continuously requests (lot of traffic) are sent to the server side system which result in overloading the system resources and this results in slow down of the system (server) or even sometimes crash.

SQL Injections

SQL Injections is a technique with the help of which hacker is able to make his way in to the database of a website. These are small codes which are written in the username and password fields on admin page of the websites. This is possible when the database is not properly protected. This results in a successful login or will show an error is the database is well protected against such kind of attacks.


Virus is nothing but a program that can make your computer system to malfunction, can destroy your data. The term “virus” is given as they can easily spread on to other computers in a network.


Phishing is a type of attack in which attacker pretends to be a authorize person and gains information such as credit card or debit card numbers and username, password, etc via emails. Email spoofing is a good example of phishing attack.


Sometimes when a person gives someone or write it on to a public forum or any social network, can often lead to misuse of that information. It is illegal to share private information in the first place.

Electronic Funds Transfer

In this, attacker transfers fund from one account to account by accessing the bank system. The attacker has no authorize access to the system so it eventually becomes a illegal activity.


Cyberstalking is done using Internet in which a person is followed online with all his or her activities and harassed, slandering and misrepresentation of the victim.

These are some of the types of cyber attacks which have occurred in the past and are still occurring. And if you have a business and you what to protect it, then you can hire a ethical hacker and protect it from being hacked and can make sure that you are on a safe side.

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