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Sunday, December 10, 2017

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is nothing but a computer science branch which is used to make machine intelligent as humans. It is to make computers or we can say computer software's to have reasoning and decision making capabilities and to solve problems and learn from them.

With AI, speech recognition and face recognition are possible. There is huge amount of information and data available and to organize it in a way that is useful then it can be done with Artificial Intelligence.

Now, you must have heard about Machine Learning and Deep Learning. If not then Machine Learning it that thing with which one can make computer to learn things without any prior programming.

And Deep Learning is a subpart or subfield of Machine Learning which is more of focused on structured learning and function as a human brain does.

Artificial Intelligence Examples

Today we have a lot of examples of AI like,
  • First of all, in smartphone world we have virtual assistant's like Siri of Apple phones and Google assistant of Android phones.
  • For Computers running Windows, we have Cortana, a virtual personal assistant. And for Apple computers, we have Siri here as well.
  • In the field of Robotics, we can see implementations of AI. Recently a advance humanoid robot named Sophia became very popular and was all over the news. This AI robot is designed in a way that it can give answer to whatever questions asked. This robot is developed by Hong-kong company named Hanson Robotics.
  • Face and Fingerprint recognition system available in smartphones is also an example of AI. You can unlock device with just a finger tap or by showing your face to the device and that's it, your phone gets unlocked like magic.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

There are lot of things and fields where your can apply Artificial Intelligence.
  • AI can be used in educational purposes.
  • AI can be used in games. There are lot of games available which make use of AI. For Example Chess.
  • AI is used in manufacturing purposes also. Robots in industry do more then one task are example of this.
  • AI is also applicable in Medical field also. AI can make the existing methods automated and better.
  • With the help of AI, we can make computer to understand and at the same time, speak human language.
  • The capability of recognizing handwriting is also possible with AI. There are software's available, which can recognize human handwriting.


Artificial Intelligence is a thing with which we can make machines Intelligent and make it think and solve problems like humans. Machine Learning (ML) is a part of AI and is used to make machine learn. Deep Learning (DL) is a subpart of Machine Learning. Deep Learning is to create a structured learning pattern for machines.

There are lot of examples of AI available around us. There are lot of different fields where AI is not yet applied. But we will soon be seeing AI applied in those fields as well in the near future.


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