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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Surface Web vs Deep Web vs Dark Web

We all use the Web for getting information, learning new things and for solving problems. But do you know that the Web you surf is just a small fraction of Web, which can be accessed with the help of search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

So, with this being said, there is a bigger fraction of Web which is hidden and is not freely available to access.

We can divide the Web into 3 basic parts. They are:

  • Surface Web,

  • Deep Web and

  • Dark Web

Surface Web

The Surface Web is the Web which we can search and is freely available to all. It is just 4% to 5% of the Web. We can surf the sites which are on Surface Web with search engines like Google and Bing. These search engines index these webpages and website, so that they are accessible for the people to surf. There are very less illegal activities found here.

There are billions and trillions of webpages and sites on the Web, but not all of then are freely available or easily accessible to everyone. And so there comes the Web which is hidden, called the Deep Web.

Deep Web

Deep Web is the remaining part of the the whole Web. It is the remaining 95% to 96% of the Web. It contains private information about organization's. Confidential information like any government or bank or any company, is here. It is not that, surfing the Deep Web is illegal but the information there is not freely available of all.

Every one who use or access there email are actually accessing the Deep Web. Deep Web is just the private information saved by any company or organization. In simple sense it is like information in a database.

The things which require password to access and are hidden, the they all come under the Deep Web.

Now actually there is a subset of Deep Web and that is Dark Web.

Dark Web

Dark Web is the Web which you cannot access but if you can then you should not access. It contains all kinds of things which not only can offend a person but can have affect on a mental level. It is not the place for a normal person.

You will not come in contact or will be able to access this part of web easily. But there are all sorts of different techniques available to access the dark side of the Web.

This Web is illegal to access. All sorts of illegal things, which you can and cannot imagine, happen here.


The Conclusion here is, the Web you can access is a very small part of the whole Web. It can be accessed by anyone as it is freely available to all.

Then there is the Web, where all of the private information is stored and can only be accessed with a password. This is called Deep Web. It is hidden. It is not indexed on search engines.

And then there is Dark Web, which is the subset of Deep Web. All illegal activities happen here. This is the Web which is not easily accessible as the sites here are not indexed on the search engines. There are different methods to access the Dark Web.

So, at the end, we should search the solution of out problems on the surface and should not dive deep in the ocean of knowledge because if we will then instead of solving the existing problem, we may end up getting into another problem.

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