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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Smartphone Processor and Cores Guide

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Nowadays, smartphone has become a part of our life and without it no work is possible.

It is good for entertainment as you can play music, watch videos, play games. You can even do browsing and some light office work like edit a document. You can click pictures, send pictures and documents. You can even some times get the facility for multi tasking. So it is all in one small package and that is why no one can keep there phones aside for even a minute.
But have you thought that how this small gadget which sits in our pocket makes all this work possible.
Processor is the one which make all the work possible. Yes I know there are other components also which are important but they are nothing without processor.

What is a processor?
Smartphones are no less then computer because processor is the most important part, not only for smartphones but for other gadgets as well like Laptops, Desktop and even Smart Watch. It is the brain of a device. All sorts of calculations and operations are done there and the result of it is what we see. Day by day the size of gadgets are becoming small and more powerful.
The processor power is measured in Hertz, like MHz (Megahertz) and GHz (Gigahertz). More Hertz equal more power. Gigahertz is bigger than Megahertz. 1GHz is equal to 1000MHz.
You must have heard about cores in a processor when you go to by a smartphone. For example, dual-core processor, quad-core, octa-core processor and all that. What does that mean?

What is a core?
A core is a basic processing unit in a processor. It reads and executes instructions and does all the calculations required. A processor can have single core or more then one core. The processors with more then one core are called multi core processors. Quad core (4 cores), hexa-core (6 cores) and Octa-core (8 cores) are example of multi core processors. More cores equals more power in processing.
The advantage of having more cores is that you will get more better performance. You can do multi- tasking. Animation and gaming performance will also improve with more cores.
But this is not the case always because a dual-core processor can outrun a quad-core processor. This is because not all apps make use of more cores at a time. There are other factors a well. A processor with less number of cores but more RAM or GPU can also perform well.

A processor gives you an idea of how the device will perform, what it is capable of doing and even how fast will it be. But remember that there are other factors also which you should remember.
So, next time when you go to buy a new smartphone, then no doubt check the processor and to which company manufactured it and also check all other components and there specs as well because they are also important.
So these are the thing which you should know about processors and cores.

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