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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Smartphone - The Handheld Computer

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Today, we all have phone that are smart enough to do our work and so are called Smartphones. There are lot of companies who do research and come up with their smartphone with new things to make life of people, or consumers is what they say, better.

Now a day, smartphones can do almost all and even more then some expect it to do. People use their smartphones to do same lite work like edit any document and mail it, play games, watch movies, click photos, buy and sell stuff online, control your TV or home lighting with your smartphone and the list goes on.

But how these hand held devices make this all possible. These all things are possible because of operating systems and the applications which run on them.


As they are sometimes called handheld computers, that means they are computers. They are small in size and can do similar work. So, as computer need Operating System (OS) to work because without an OS, it is nothing. It cannot do your work or solve problems. So, smartphones also need operating system and the applications which we use to do our work need operating system to work.

There are mainly 4 different types of operating systems for smartphones. They are:
  • ·        Android
  • ·        iOS
  • ·        Windows
  • ·        Blackberry OS

There are in almost 2 Billion smartphone users in the world and are constantly growing.

Android is the operating system for smartphone. Smartphones with Android OS are more in number as compared to other OS. It is developed by Google. Android is under OHA (Open Handset Alliance) with which different companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google and many more have to make smartphones with Android OS deployed on those and also should provide services. Android is open-source.

iOS or iPhone OS is developed by Apple. Unlike Android, iOS is not open-source and not available to companies to make handsets running iOS. It is developed by Apple and is deployed on the handsets which ae also made by Apple called iPhones.

You all know about Windows, which is operating system for computers but it is also an OS for phone. WP (Windows Phone) is the OS for smartphones. It is developed by Microsoft. It user interface (UI) is similar to Windows 8 and 10 which is for desktop pc.

BlackBerry OS is developed by BlackBerry for their smartphones range.

There are millions of apps available for these different operating systems.

Apps for Android are available on Google Play Store.

Apps for iOS are available on App Store.

Apps for Windows Phone are available on Windows Phone Store.

Apps for Blackberry OS are available on Amazon Appstore.

Smartphones are evolving day by day. They are getting more and more powerful and easy to use. The black corners are now being filled with screen and so the screen to body ratio is increasing. Smartphones nowadays come with virtual assistant. For security, smartphones today have fingerprint scanners to unlock phone with just a finger tap and face locker to unlock phone by just showing your face to the phone.

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