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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Which Linux Distribution To Install?

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Linux is an open source operating system. The very common question asked or comes in your mind when you want to switch to Linux is Which Linux Distribution to choose? Which Linux Distro is the best?

The answer to these questions are here.

If you are a basic user and just want to use Linux for getting to know about it then you can go for Ubuntu because it is very easy to install and use and you will have a perfect look of what Linux is and it is free to download.


If you think that Linux is very difficult to install and if this is the reason why you’re not installing Linux in the first place then you can go for those Linux distro’s which are easy to install and have a graphical installer like Ubuntu and Debian.

There are lot of Linux Distro’s available for different kind of work. And all distro’s have there pros and cons but it is better to have free and open source then to pay for operating system and that to when you are getting same or sometimes even better then paid things.

For basic office works you can go for Debian as it is good for them who want to switch from different operating system to Linux. You can also go for Ubuntu which is also a good choice for beginners. The desktop environments are also good on both.

If you want a minimalistic look of the OS then you can go for Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop environment. It has a user friendly UI and is good for those who are switching from windows and what to try out Linux.

If you are a programmer then there is a Linux distro especially for that purpose and that is Semicode OS. Semicode OS comes with many programming langusges, IDEs, compilers and editors of different programming languages. This OS is best for developers.

If you are Ethical Hacker and want to do some penetration testing then you can go for Kali Linux because it is most popular for this purpose. It come with all sorts of tools and software's for penetration testing and hacking.

If you want a Linux Distro for your server at your home, then CentOS can be the one for you. It comes with a minimalistic look and has all the things you will need for a server and hosting purposes.

It does not end here. There are lot more out there.

At last,

You can do the research on your side for which distribution to install but at the end you will not know it before using any.

So just pick one distro from the popular ones and try it. You can directly boot into distro if the option for live booting is available and try it out before even installing it. If not then you can use a virtual machine to install any Linux before formatting your existing OS.

So get a pen drive, download the distro you want and make the pen drive bootable.

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