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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Top 5 Linux Desktop Environment

Debian Desktop Image

Any Linux distro installation comprises of different things like where to install the distro, what partitions to make and all those typical things. And among those is which Linux desktop environment to go for.

Now you must think that it doesn’t matter much but it do matters because a desktop environment is what you are going to see and interact with all the time.

Desktop environment is nothing but a graphical interface and there are lot of them available.

This is my list of top 5 Linux desktop environment (not in any particular order):

          1.     GNOME
          2.     Cinnamon
          3.     KDE Plasma
          4.     MATE
          5.     Unity

     1.     GNOME

GNOME is simple and popular, open-source desktop environment. It is customizable. The search feature in here is powerful. But at the same time, it consumes more memory compared to others. But overall it give a great experience.

GNOME Desktop Image
GNOME Desktop

       2.     Cinnamon

Cinnamon is old and most popular desktop environment. It gives somewhat similar experience as windows. Overall it is a good environment. Linux mint is the distro on which you can try it out, as it comes default with it or you can try it on other distro’s as well. It is also customizable. 

Cinnamon Desktop Image
Cinnamon Desktop

     3.     KDE Plasma

KDE Plasma desktop environment is the environment provided by KDE community. It comes with lot of features. You can add multiple panels on desktop. There are many desktop widgets available. It can be heavily customized. The memory usage on this environment is high.

KDE Plasma Desktop Image
KDE Plasma Desktop

    4.     MATE

MATE is good looking desktop environment. It has menus and panels which you can add. It is also highly customizable. It is a light weight environment which can run on less advance or we can say good hardware machines. Hardware scarcity is not a drawback here. It uses a lot less memory and resources compared to other desktop environments.

Mate Desktop Image
Mate Desktop

    5.    Unity

Unity is good choice for beginners. It comes default with Ubuntu. It is simple looking desktop environment. It also has a software center, a store for installing different applications. Unity can also be customized. It is a bit heavy on memory. But overall it provides a good user interface.

Unity Desktop Image
Unity Desktop

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