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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Top 10 Android 8.0 Features

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Android 8.0 better known as Android Oreo which is a newly launched android version by Google. Here in this blog I will talk about some new features that come with Android 8.0.

1. Twice Faster

Google says that this twice more fast then the previous versions and the background activities of apps are minimized in Android Oreo.

2. Picture in Picture

There is a new feature called picture in picture with which you can do two different tasks at once. You can open different app like messenger and do video call at the same time.

3. Emoji’s

Now with Oreo there are new set of redesigned emoji’s available.

4. Settings App

In Android Oreo, the settings app is redesigned. There is no more slide-out menu present.

5. App Shortcut

The Long press app icon which brings app shortcut menu is redesigned. Now with app shortcuts, you can access app widgets.

6. App Icon Shapes

Another interesting feature available with Oreo is that now you can change app icon shape. There are four shapes available and they are squircle, square, teardrop and rounded square.

7. Text Select

Another new feature in Oreo is test select or we can say smart text select. With double tap you can highlight a portion of test with which you get option for copy, cut or paste. And now with it you get another button which shows apps related to selected text. If you select a phone number then it will show you the shortcut for phone app and if it is an address and it shows for google map app.

8. Notification Dots

Now in Android Oreo when you have a pending message or alert, then the app will have a little dot on it at the top. There is even option for disabling it if you don’t want it.

9. Autofill

Autofill is another feature which, when you enable, remembers login credentials and with just at tap you can login to your account. It is not just for login bet also for address and other info saved.

10. Snooze Notifications

Another good feature which comes with Android Oreo is that now you can snooze you notifications for some time. Swipe to the right on notification till you see a clock icon and from there you can set the time for your snooze.


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