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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Kali Linux Step by Step Installation Guide

This is a step by step guide on how you can install Linux on any computer.

1. Firstly, you need to download Kali Linux ISO file from this link (https://www.kali.org/downloads/) and create a bootable CD/DVD or Pen Drive which is of 8GB or high. The process will be faster if Pen Drive has a 3.0 connectivity.

2. After creating a bootable disk or pend drive, insert it and boot into your computer and you will see this screen


3. Here there are lost of different options like Live, if you want to boot into the system before installing it, and other options but you have to select Graphical install because this guide is based on it.

4. Now after that you will have this screen where you have to select the Language


5. After that select your Location.

6. Then you need to select your keymap which you are using. If you dont know which one to select then simply go for the first one that is American English.

7. Enter your Hostname.

8. Enter a domain name.

9. Here you can set password for root user.

10. Now, if you are not dual booting then you can go for Guided option, otherwise you have to go for Manual option, where you can create you own partitions.

11. Now, with the Manual option selected, you will see all your disks. Double click on the disk on which you want to create a partitions.


12. Then you have to choose to create a partition by your self or you want it to be done automatically.

13. If you choose to create a new partition then you need to specify size of the partition you want to create.

14. The you need to choose what type of partition it is to be. 

15. After that, here you can specify partition type, mount point, and other details and choose done setting up the partition.

16. And if are not dual booting and you don’t want this hazel, then go back and select Guided option and then select your disk for installation.

17. Then choose if you want all file in one partion or want to make anther partition for home, var and tmp.

8. After that, you will see the partitions created. Choose Finish and click continue.

19. Now, remember or note down your partitions which are created and select yes if everything seems good and start installation.


20. After system installation, you need to install boot loader to be able to boot in to you system. Select whether you want GRUB boot loader or not. If you are dual booting Kali with other operating system (like Windows) then you can leave this step and/ or choose No to install a boot loader. And if you are not dual booting then you should install GRUB.

21. After all the installation are finished, remove bootable disk and then reboot into your new system.

22. And done. This was how you can install Kali Linux on to your system.

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