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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum Image 
Firefox has just launched a new and powerful browser Firefox Quantum. It is said that it is faster than Chrome. Firefox is here with a new UI with Quantum. This browser comes with a lot of new tools.

Firefox Quantum Image
Firefox Quantum Image


There are new things available with this browser. One of them is the new screenshot feature. To take a screenshot, click on the three dots at the end in the URL section. A drop-down menu will open and click on take a screenshot.

Firefox Quantum Image

You can take screenshot of full page or a particular part. There is a good little feature added with which when you hover your mouse it detects a picture or a particular text or paragraph and with one click you can select it and if you want to adjust the auto selection then you can and then download it.

Firefox Quantum Image

There are other things also in this drop-down menu, which is in URL section, like copy the URL, email link, bookmark the page, send tab to device, save page to pocket. 

If you have Firefox app on your smartphone then with send tab to device option you can share tabs with your smartphone.

Pocket is another new thing with which you can save pages and access then on any device. You have to create an account in order to save things.

You can now customize your toolbar. You can add different items on your toolbar.

Firefox Quantum Image

There are add-on available for different purpose which you can enable when you want.

There is another new feature which is Reader View. With this reader you can make a web-page simple to read. This view remove extra things and gives a clean look best for reading the content on page. Ads are also hidden in this view.

When you are on a web-page, you will see a page icon, click on it to enable Reader View. This icon will be hidden and will only appear when a web-page is open. Once you enter in this view you will see some buttons on left side. 

First is for closing the Reader View and go back to normal view. 

Second is Type control, with which you can change font size, style. 

Next is Narrate, which reads the content. You can even set the narration speed.

And lastly if you want you can save the web-page to Pocket.

Firefox Quantum Image

This browser is also good for web developers. There are lot of developer tools you can available and get more tools. Just go on Firefox add-on for more developer tools.

Talking about developers, there are many new things available in Inspect Element. One of them is the color picker which is located on right side of ‘Search HTML’ bar. With this color picker you can grab any color on a web page and with one click you can copy its hex code.

At last:

If you are using any other browser and want some change then you can go for Firefox Quantum, which gives you fast user interface and overall a good browsing experience.

To download Firefox Quantum, click here.

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