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Sunday, November 26, 2017

CentOS Installation Guide

This is a step-by-step installation guide for CentOS.

First of, this Linux distro is not for beginners or for those who are new to Linux. If you want to try Linux, you can go for Ubuntu.  

This Linux distro is for server and hosting purpose. So if you have any server at home then you can install this distro on it to handel all server based thing and that to not with a black screen but with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Yes you heard me right, a graphical user interface. No command line. Yes you will have to do some stuff on the terminal. But it will be far less. 

This is not the only one Linux distro for server purposes. There are lot more Linux distro’s out there which can be used for server. You are free to go and research on your side and pick the one you want and can do you job best.

And you need to try out those distro’s to get an idea. No article can give you that experience. So try them on a virtual machine or if the option for live booting is there the you can go for it as well.

Installation of a Linux distro becomes lot more easier with a graphical interface.

So here are the steps for the installation are below:
1. First, you need to download CentOS from this link (https://www.centos.org/download/).

2. Create a bootable disk or pen drive with the CentOS ISO you downloaded.

3. Then insert it into the computer and you will see this screen after boot up. You can test the installation media if you want, for any errors.

4. Select Install CentOS 7 and start the installation process.


5. After that, here you have to select language and continue.

6. And now you will see this where you can select Date and time, Keyboard layout and Language Support.

7. And then you can select which Desktop Environment you want to install and if you want you can even choose any add-ons if you want.

8. Here you can set the source of your installation, which will be automatically detected but if not then you can set it from here.

9. Here you can select the disk in which you what the Installation to be don. You can create partition if you want otherwise leave it and it will be done automatically.

10. You have turn ON the Network as it is required in the installation process.

11. If you want you can set security policy.

12. After everything is set, click on Begin Installation

13. After the installation starts, you can set root password and if you want you can create a user.

14. After installation is completed, restart the computer.

15. And done. 

So this is how you can install CentOS 7.
If you don't want to install CentOS directly into your main system then you can install in a virtuall machine first. The process is same for it as well. 

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